Privacy Policy

Rules and Regulations

In rules and regulations, the term Bikooch deals with the website of All rights are reserved for Daneshgarayane Moje Chaharom Company (Reg. No. 47047).

The Bikooch website acts subject to internet crimes law and international e-commerce rules and regulations.

Subscription of Agents:

Those agents bearing authorization license from their country of activity are authorized to receive panel from Bikooch website for offering related services.

In case of applying for panel, applicants are required to submit corporation documents, permits, resume and other required documents. Their applications may be approved after the completion of investigations by Bikooch website.

The applicants and related agents are liable for accuracy and validity of their submitted documents; therefore, Bikooch website bears no responsibility for validity of the aforesaid.


Subscription for Travel Agencies:

In B2B system, only agencies with Para A, Para B and Para P licenses are authorized to use the website; therefore at the time of subscription, agencies are required to present valid certificates and documents. Agencies are liable for accuracy and validity of their submitted documents; therefore, Bikooch website bears no responsibility for validity of the aforesaid.


Other conditions:

After having access to Bikooch website (, you agreed that you accepted all current terms and regulations of Bikooch website. You will be prohibited from using Bikooch website, if you do not accept its rules and regulations.

Bikooch website hereby declares that regulations of the website affect all services, either directly or indirectly.

Bikooch reserved the right to change, amend, adjust or modify its rules and regulations with no prior notice to its users.

Bikooch reserved the right to change, amend, adjust or modify features and characteristics of its website and its online services and that it fully reserved the right to change, amend, adjust or modify its rules and regulations; basis of these web pages is in online form and via internet.

Any misuse of information, texts, images, patterns, logos and other properties of the site will be legally sued. No natural person or legal entity bears the right to use the aforesaid without receiving prior authorization for the aforesaid.

Personal data or users at Bikooch are fully confidential. Bikooch does its best toward protecting personal data of its users; toward the aforesaid, users undertake to avoid any attempt for hacking the website and to avoid any cooperation and assistance with any natural person or legal entity in hacking the website or its information. The users also undertake to immediately inform Bikooch officials if they notice any attempt for hacking Bikooch website by any person or institute.

Users undertake to register their information in correct and accurate form at the time for subscription at the website; users undertake to amend their details at the website in case any change occurs to them in this regard. In case of incomplete registration of information or entering fake information, users are personally liable for its consequences and Bikooch website bears no liability in this regard.

Any misuse from the name of Bikooch, Bikooch website, performing fake correspondences on behalf of Bikooch, or using names and titles similar to Bikooch are prohibited and it will be legally sued through public court and the court Online Criminal Court in and out of the country and also, through public information to web service providers.

Respecting personal privacy of users, Bikooch demands users to enter their address, contact number and email and other information toward offering its users secured and safe services. 

Users are solely liable for protecting their username and password; they should avoid disclosure of their passwords before any third party to prevent any possible misuse.

Like any other website, Bikooch collects IPs and Cookies; but, server protocol and security layers of Bikooch and proper methods used for users’ data management prevent any illegal and unauthorized access.

Bikooch website and its frame reserve the right to limit or prevent access to the website at any time with no prior notice, responsibility and note; no reason is required for this; Bikooch reserve the right for the aforesaid and refuses any objection of users toward this.

All information and contents of the website including audio, video, image, software, texts, symbols and the like are intellectual properties of Bikooch and no other one may use such contents.

At the time of offering services by Bikooch, data of hotels, agents and users will be accessible for you. If the aforesaid information is not full and accurate, Bikooch offers no guarantee for their fullness and accuracy. Bikooch bears no responsibility in this regard.

At the time of subscription of agents at the website, Bikooch performs its best toward investigating the accuracy of related permits, registration documents of agencies and other documents, but it has no responsibility in this regard in now and the future; therefore, in case of the occurrence of any unsatisfactory event between agencies and users, Bikooch bears no responsibility in this regard.

For using the website, user requires ID and Password and he is required to change his Password immediately after obtaining it.

Hereby, the user certifies that he will not disclose his password to any third party (even website officials, website managers, executives, agents and others) and the user is solely responsible for its protection. For any personal damage, death, loss of financial loss (directly or indirectly), any cost incurred to you due to legal procedures, fault, violation, negligence, omission, non-execution, presentation refusal, tort or binding obligation (partial or general) which may relate to Bikooch services and employees, managers, officials, agents and representatives and affiliate companies including termination or cancellation (partial), over reservation, strike, force majeure or any other event out of our control, Bikooch has no responsibility for the  aforesaid.

Bikooch reserve the exclusive right to avoid any user from having access to the website or a part of which.