The Holiday Tour is a member of a Holiday Media Group. HOLIDAY TUR, which participated in a license with a license dated 18.01.2013, has a professional work force rather than easiness in the frame of real tourism with its experienced and equipped team which has undertaken important duties in the sector for many years

HOLIDAY TUR has contributed to Turkish tourism in a wide range of information and professional business including domestic and female connections, and at the same time has undertaken to offer business potential to its environs

Our company has kept the concept of "service" at the highest level by giving priority to each guest, and it has been important to approach every relativism with sensitivity

Under the responsibility of a Group A Travel Agency, it gives the opportunity to fly to every corner of the world with its ticket agency, which is housed in domestic and international travel, hotels, tours, transfers, organizations and airline companies. HOLIDAY TUR does not look at the vision, but looking at tomorrow, the necessity of the modern world and technological progress in accordance with the principle has made itself